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    December 02, 2014


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    Nicole McDermott

    Your account of your dad's last days is beautiful. Hard to read and I am sure so hard to write, but so well done. My husband went thru almost the exact same scenario a year ago with his mom and I feel for your heartbreak. May you and your family enjoy the wonderful memories. I believe he heard every loving word. Nicole

    Amy Gibbons-Hommen

    Beautiful. I always remember him being a gentle soul. Growing old is really cruel. My dad has Parkinson's, and it has robbed him of his mobility, freedom, lucidity and independence. It is so hard to see that man who was always your protector needing protection. My dearest and deepest sympathies are with you and your family!


    Tears, hugs. A beautiful account of the the end of a life.


    Thank you all, friends. Your support means a lot to me.

    Carl Lang

    Beautifully written; poignant, dignified and honest. He will be sorely missed. Thank you for sharing this. Much Love to all.


    How beautifully you wrote this he was a wonderful quite man with lots of reason I am proud to say he was my cousin


    Sweet friend, this is so beautifully written, I'm sitting here crying with you, and wish you could feel my love and support across the miles. My deepest condolences. Love, Laura

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