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    November 27, 2012


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    Laura r.

    You crack me up! I love this post. So glad both my littles are at least potty trained, the rest.. Par for the course. Xoxo


    Congratulations! I am knee deep in toddler shit right now, so I totally feel you. Abby had a freaking tantrum in the middle of the night last night because I wouldn't let her watch Clifford when she woke up! WTH!!!!!

    Glad you had a good day. I guess I did too, just finished watching Magic Mike to end it. :)

    Naomi O Aytur

    Thanks Laura and Danielle.
    Danielle- I need to investigate this Magic Mike film you speak of...for research purposes of course.

    Naomi O Aytur

    OH and Danielle, is it me, or is your 2nd toddler more nightmare-ish than your first? Maybe I just don't remember Shnook's toddlerdom as well because I was dealing with infant Fuzz.


    I definitely think my second is more nightmarish than my first, for a few reasons. Maddy was totally addicted to her binky, so she slept through the night every night starting at 9 months, and threw way fewer tantrums...she was calmer and more compliant. Secondly, when she was difficult, there was only one of her, and two parents to deal with it. I tend to deal with Abby more, and my husband gets the "easier" kid most of the time.

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