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    October 05, 2012


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    Ha! My son was a mess in last year's "Reggio inspired" preschool. After one month in Montessori preschool, he's completely blossomed. He wants to go to school even on the weekends. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about Montessori. First of all, it's not overly "structured": Kids get to pick their own "jobs", so they get to feel empowered by making their own choices! (Unlike at Reggio inspired schools, where they get lumped into a group project based on someone else's choosing.) They are called jobs to foster a positive attitude about work: because they are actually fun projects. And best of all, they work on their jobs at their own speed. Also at my son's Montessori school, there are plenty of GROUP activities, too, like music and Spanish class... And a show-and-tell style "share" once a week. My son's Reggio school last year had 5 teachers for 20 kids and it was total chaos in that classroom. His Montessori school this year has only 2 teachers for 25 kids and it's as calm (yet lively) and peaceful as can be. The Montessori training these teachers have is some kind of magical method I have yet to fully understand. They believe in empowering your kid to be INDEPENDENT and my own kid is way more confident as a result. Rather than trying to control the kids, they seem to guide them.


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