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    February 10, 2012


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    Oh man. One of my hysband's colleagues ran into a similar problem only she was much, much further along, the fetus was dead, and she couldn't get it removed. I think she wrote an article about it. I'll see if I can find it. I'm so sorry for your friend.


    I'm trying to look at this as not-a-mom, not-a-human. I could see that an insurance company does not want the responsibility of paying to have a fetus that is currently still developing be terminated.

    Sure, so add on one layer of protection. Have the parents and doctor sign a standard form stating they have been counseled and made a decision on their own.

    and then just cover the procedure.

    Other than that, I'm infuriated.

    I am sorry you had this news today and I know you will be a huge comfort to your friends. I am pained by the loss they will suffer and wish them every success in having a second baby.


    That is an outrage. I can't believe insurance won't cover it! I hate the American health care system and the fact that so many people want to make it hard for a woman to have an abortion (especially in a case like this, where it's hard enough in the first place.) I think it's hilarious that the religious and political right want to outlaw abortion... Yet, they believe in not helping all those (mostly poor) people with their unwanted children. Also that unwanted children grow up unloved and commit crimes, etc. ARRRRGH! Sorry I went slightly off topic.

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