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    April 02, 2009


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    I am very excited to read on Naomi!
    I am glad I stopped reading this one after the introduction. I found his instructions of how to read the book so confusing I returned the book to Borders. If I need instructions on how to read, something tells me I will have trouble with following the plan.


    Amen, sister! I have skimmed Dr. W's book and it only served to make me angry and make me question my own instincts. So far, the sleep books I have read (very few) have made me want to throw them.


    That book is bad, but the worst is Babywise which claims that you can get your kid to sleep through the night at 8 weeks by making the baby adhere to a grown-up schedule of eating, or something crazy like that. I think it's downright dangerous.

    I breast-fed mine whenever they seemed hungry, and often let them nap on me, or in a car seat, or stroller. They are 8, 6 and 3 now, and they are all healthy and they all sleep beautifully. So there, stupid Babywise people!

    Naomi Odes Aytur

    Alexis-you were reading my mind! See my latest post! Babywise IS the worst!


    intersting point of view! I actually love HSHHC. My daughter was definitely NOT the type of baby that needed just a little push to become a good sleeper. HSHHC has been my sleeping bible and has wokred 100% I recommend it to everyone who will listen!

    When I tell you that my daughter did not want to sleep and that our "bedtime routine" would take up to 4 hours for her to finally collapse and fall asleep, I am not exaggerating! her naps were so eratic and sometimes like 20 minutes... This book saved our life & we are grateful that we have the best sleeper now!

    I think sleep books and discipling books are fantastic but you just have to follow your instincts and do what is comfortable for your family based upon your personality, beliefs and your individual child.

    Hope you get some Z's soon! :)

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